Spoken L1 Language: Lebu Wolof

Comments on subclassification

Angrand, Armand-Pierre 1952

Lebu Wolof is listed in E16/E17/E18/E19 as a dialect of (Senegalese-Mauretanian) Wolof [wol]. However, Lebu Wolof is not intelligible to other Wolof speakers, e.g., Wolof speakers cannot readiy understand the text specimina of Lebu in Angrand, Armand-Pierre 1952 , as opposed to Gambian Wolof [wof] which is intelligible to (Senegalese-Mauretanian) Wolof [wol] but uses a different written standard and source of loanwords. The distinctness of Lebu Wolof is hidden by the fact that all Lebu Wolof speakers are also bilingual in non-Lebu Wolof. See also: Wolof [wol], Gambian Wolof [wof].

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