Spoken L1 Language: Jarawa (Nigeria)

Comments on subclassification

Maddieson, Ian and Williamson, Kay 1975

AES status:
not endangered
David M. Eberhard and Gary F. Simons and Charles D. Fennig 2020
Bankal (jjr-jar) = 6a* (Vigorous).

Retired in ISO 639-3: split into Gwak [jgk] and Bankal [jjr]

  • Change request: 2011-172
  • ISO 639-3: jar
  • Name: Jarawa (Nigeria)
  • Reason: split
  • Effective: 2012-02-03

Excerpt from change request document:

Intelligibility and lexical similarity between Bankal and Gwak are marginal.

Speakers of Gwak, Bankal, Duguri, Mbat, and Kantana all consider themselves to be one Jarawa people, descended from the same ancestors and speaking a common Jar language. There is no significant body of existing Jar literature.

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