Family: Bandaic

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No author on the Bandaic languages ( Olson, Kenneth S. 1996 , Boyd, Raymond 1989 , Cloarec-Heiss, France 1998 if they even mention it) seems to have made an explicit comparison between Golo and the remaining Bandaic languages. Looking at the data my impression is that it diverges from all other Banda lects (which are similar among themselves). Although this could be due to rapid changes occurring in Golo (which was under heavy pressure from at least Ndogo) the natural interpretation is that it is coordinate with the rest of Banda. This seems to have been the impression of Tucker, Archibald N. and Bryan, Margaret A. 1956: 31-36 as well and not contradicted by e.g. Cloarec-Heiss, France 1986: 18-19

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