Spoken L1 Language: Dompo

Comments on subclassification

Blench, Roger M. 1999

AES status:
Campbell, Lyle and Lee, Nala Huiying and Okura, Eve and Simpson, Sean and Ueki, Kaori 2022
Dompo (3745-doy) = Severely Endangered (20 percent certain, based on the evidence available) (Dompo is spoken by ten households, all of whom are also fluent in Nafaanra. All members of these households seem to have some command of the language, but whether it will be transmitted to the next generation in more than an attenuated form is open to doubt. Nonetheless, there is no evidence that it has ever been spoken by many people and bilingualism in Nafaanra must long have been a feature of the community. There are presently some 60-70 people with some command of the language and perhaps 10 who can recall obscure lexical items.)

(see Blench 1999)

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