Spoken L1 Language: Akpondu

Comments on subclassification

Blench, Roger 2005

AES status:
Akpondu (NOCODE_Akpondu-NOCODE_Akpondu) = 10 (Extinct).

A survey of Fadan Karshe-Wamba-Akwanga triangle in Kaduna State, Nigeria revealed the existence of four extinct or near-extinct unknown languages Akpondu, Babur, Nisam and Nigbo ( Blench, Roger 2005 ), none of which are in E16/E17/E18/E19/E20/E21/E22/E23. A little data exists to confirm that Akpondu was indeed a different language from all others (Alumu-Tesu [aab] being the closest relative), but for the others there is so far only sociolinguistic information which not sufficient to totally exclude that Babur, Nisam and Nigbo were unintelligible to themselves and all other languages. I wish to thank Roger Blench for drawing my attention to Akpondu. See also: Alumu-Tesu [aab].

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