Spoken L1 Language: Shiwa

Comments on subclassification

Cheucle, Marion 2014: 516

Shiwa, a Gabonese Bantu A80 language, missing ( Dougère, Lucie 2007 , Ollomo Ella, Régis 2008 , Ollomo Ella, Régis 2013 ). It is most closely related to Kwasio [nmg], but about equally close to it as any pair of the closest A80 languages with separate E16/E17/E18/E19/E20/E21/E22/E23/E24/E25/E26/E27 entries ( Cheucle, Marion 2014: 516 , Rébecca Grollemund 2012 ). See also: Kwasio [nmg].

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