Spoken L1 Language: Teke-Eboo-Nzikou

Comments on subclassification

Kristensen, Ole-Bjørn and Don Webster and Thelma Webster 1984: 9

AES status:
David M. Eberhard and Gary F. Simons and Charles D. Fennig 2020
Teke-Eboo (ebo-ebo) = 6b (Threatened).

E16/E17/E18/E19/E20/E21/E22/E23 has two entries Teke-Eboo [ebo] and Teke-Nzikou [nzu]. Two such entities are frequently enumerated separately but the recent comparison by Ruth Raharimanantsoa 2012 shows that such a distinction is untenable linguistically. Thus the two entries should be merged. See also: Teke-Nzikou [nzu].

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