Spoken L1 Language: Ewe

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Angela Kluge 2011

AES status:
not endangered
David M. Eberhard and Gary F. Simons and Charles D. Fennig 2024
Éwé (ewe-ewe) = 3 (Wider communication). Recognized language (1951, Laws of the Gold Coast, Vernacular Literature Board Ordinance, as amended by Ordinance No. 44). Widely used throughout southeastern Ghana and southern Togo, it is believed that the Éwé migrated south from Nigeria in the 13th century into the Tado region of present-day Togo. In the 18th century, they came in contact with Europeans and were involved in slave trade. Éwé is an official language in both Ghana and Togo. Éwé culture and tradition is rich in folklore, poetry, myths, and songs. Éwé is used in cultural activities, in commerce, weaving, education, farming, and fishing.
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