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Insufficient Robert Blust 2014 parallels with Jarawa-Onge can be found in Juliette Blevins 2007 . Makuva [lva] of East Timor is also Austronesian Engelenhoven, Aone van and Justino Valentim Cailoru 2006 . Utupua, Vanikoro and Reef-Santa Cruz have been shown to be bona fide Oceanic Malcolm Ross and Åshild Næss 2007 , Åshild Næss and Brenda H. Boerger 2008 , Alexandre François 2009 . The arguments that Warembori, along with Yoke, is Austronesian are in fact convincing Mark Donohue 1999 . Also, the best take on the poorly attested Kazukuru language(s) is that they were New Georgia Austronesian Michael Dunn and Malcolm Ross 2007 .

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Robert A. Blust and Victoria Chen 2017 Robert A. Blust 2009