Dialect: Eastern Ngad'a

Comments on subclassification

Grimes, Charles E. and Djawanai, Stephanus 1995

AES status:
not endangered
David M. Eberhard and Gary F. Simons and Charles D. Fennig 2024
Ngad’a, Eastern (nea-nea) = 6a* (Vigorous).

Eastern Ngad'a [nea] is listed in E16/E17/E18/E19/E20/E21/E22/E23/E24/E25/E26/E27 as a separate language from Ngad'a [nxg] but no such language can be verified from the literature on Ngada ( Paul Arndt 1933 , Stephanus Djawanai 1983 , Patrick Moore 1980 ) and Leif Asplund who did field research in the area (p.c. Leif Asplund 2015) was told the language of the Eastern Ngad'a area was completely intelligible to Ngad'a. See also: Ngad'a [nxg].

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