Spoken L1 Language: Inland-Buhi-Daraga Bikol

Comments on subclassification

Zorc, R. David Paul 1977 Robert Blust 1991

AES status:
not endangered
David M. Eberhard and Gary F. Simons and Charles D. Fennig 2020
Albay Bicolano (rbl-bhk) = 6a* (Vigorous).

Retired in ISO 639-3: Split into Buhi'non Bikol [ubl]; Libon Bikol [lbl]; Miraya Bikol [rbl]; West Albay Bikol [fbl]

  • Change request: 2009-078
  • ISO 639-3: bhk
  • Name: Albay Bicolano
  • Reason: split
  • Effective: 2010-01-18

Excerpt from change request document:

The currently-existing "Bicolano, Albay" does not correspond to any of the accepted Bikol subgroupings, the most widely-recognized of which is McFarland (1974) which was also adopted by Zorc (1977). Jason Lobel, the supporter of this request, has also done extensive research on the languages of the Bikol region, and his findings largely support those of McFarland (1974) and likewise do not support a "Bicolano Albay" language that would include Buhi'non, Miraya, and Bikol Libon. Such a language is also not supported by the identities of the people of Albay province themselves. Therefore, it is requested that the "Bicolano Albay" entry be split into four entries, "Bikol West Albay", "Bikol Miraya", "Bikol, Libon", and "Bikol Buhi'non". (Note also that calling any of these languages "Bicolano" or "Bikolano" is a mistake because "Bikolano" is the name of the ethnic group while "Bikol" is the name of the languages.)

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