Language: Lundayeh


Comments on subclassification

Blust, Robert A. 2001 Kroeger, Paul R. 1998

E16/E17/E18/E19 has two entries Lun Bawang [lnd] including the alternate name Lundaya Putuk&#39;&#39; and Putoh <a href="">[put]</a> with the remark that itmay be the same as Lun Bawang [lnd]''. Both the name Putuk and the area marked on the map for Putuk, falls under the same language that the entry Lun Bawang [lnd] represents. Though this language has a lot of dialectal variation, the division indicated by the two Ethnologue entries is not justified from a linguistic or ethnic perspective ( Kaskija, Lars 2002 :10-11 , Crain, Jay Bouton 1970 :17-35 , Alfred B. Hudson 1977 , Omar, Asmah Haji 1983 :587-588 , Bernard Sellato 2009 ). See also: Putoh [put].


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