Dialect: Laura


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Wielenga, D. K. 1917

E16/E17/E18/E19 has an entry for Laura [lur] as a separate language. But Laura is a weinig verschillende dialect van Wajéwa&#39;&#39; ( <a class="Source" href="https://glottolog.org/resource/reference/id/33388" title="van der Velden, J. H. 1900">van der Velden, J. H. 1900</a> :57 ), i.e., a dialect little different from Wewewa <a href="https://glottolog.org/resource/languoid/iso/wew">[wew]</a>. Laura <a href="https://glottolog.org/resource/languoid/iso/lur">[lur]</a> is thus spurious as a separate entry, and, in any case, prohibitively inconstitent given that there are many more more divergent lects which do not have separate entries ( <a class="Source" href="https://glottolog.org/resource/reference/id/326723" title="Leif Asplund 2010">Leif Asplund 2010</a> ). Since the Laura <a href="https://glottolog.org/resource/languoid/iso/lur">[lur]</a> entry mentions that it isnot intelligible with Kodi [kod]'' it is possible that there is confusion with the nearby Gaura which is a very divergent dialect of Kodi [kod] which is otherwise not mentioned in any entry in E16/E17/E18/E19 (for locations, names and data, see Leif Asplund 2010 and Anak Agung Putu Putra 2007 ). See also: Wewewa [wew], Kodi-Gaura [kod].


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