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Insufficient (Robert Blust 2014) parallels with Jarawa-Onge can be found in Juliette Blevins 2007. Makuva [lva] of East Timor is also Austronesian (Engelenhoven, Aone van and Justino Valentim Cailoru 2006). Utupua, Vanikoro and Reef-Santa Cruz have been shown to be bona fide Oceanic (Malcolm Ross and Åshild Næss 2007), (Åshild Næss and Brenda H. Boerger 2008), (Alexandre François 2009). The arguments that Warembori, along with Yoke, is Austronesian are in fact convincing (Mark Donohue 1999). Also, the best take on the poorly attested Kazukuru language(s) is that they were New Georgia Austronesian (Michael Dunn and Malcolm Ross 2007).

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(Malcolm Ross 2012) (Ross, Malcolm 2009) (Robert A. Blust 2009)


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