Spoken L1 Language: Namuyi

Comments on subclassification

Guillaume Jacques and Alexis Michaud 2011

AES status:
Campbell, Lyle and Lee, Nala Huiying and Okura, Eve and Simpson, Sean and Ueki, Kaori 2022
Namuyi (21-nmy) = Endangered (100 percent certain, based on the evidence available) (The language is well preserved in the communities of dʑa⁵³qa⁵³tu¹¹, dʐə¹¹qu¹¹, and ʂa⁴⁴pa⁵³ –– particularly so in dʑa⁵³qa⁵³tu¹¹, where only residents under the age of twenty who have attended primary school can speak Chinese. In dʐə¹¹qu¹¹ and ʂa⁴⁴pa⁵³, Namuyi residents speak Namuyi among themselves and fluent Nuosu and passable Chinese to people who prefer to speak those languages. Namuyi is less well preserved in ɕa¹¹ma¹¹kʰu⁵³, where almost all Namuyi people also speak Nuosu and Chinese: residents born before 1955 speak Namuyi to each other, but while younger people understand a great deal of Namuyi, they prefer to converse in Nuosu or Chinese.)

(see Lakhi et al. 2007)

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