Language: Milang


Comments on subclassification

Mark Post and Roger Blench 2011

Milang, a Tibeto-Burman language of the Siangic subgroup, is missing a distinct language ( Grewal, Dalvinder Singh 1997 , Mark W. Post and Yankee Modi 2011 , Aduk Tayeng 1976 ), first identified as such by Duff-Sutherland-Dunbar, George 1916 :10-11 with a wordlist from an L2 speaker. The name occurs under the hodge-podge entry Adi [adi] (a highly ambiguous term, see Singh, K. S. 1994 :17-20 , Mark Post 2013 :86-88 ) which unites the names of several very different languages. Milang is not intelligible with any of them ( Sun, Tianshin Jackson 1993 :473 ). See also: Bori-Karko [adi].


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