Family: Nuclear Trans New Guinea


Family membership references
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Includes Finisterre-Huon (Edgar Suter 2012), (Edgar Suter 2010), Irian Highlands (Dani and Paniai Lakes subgroups) (William A. Foley 2000), Madang (William A. Foley 2000), (Don R. Daniels 2010), Ok (William A. Foley 2000), Awyu-Dumut (William A. Foley 2000), Asmat-Kamoro (Bert Voorhoeve 2005), (de Vries, Lourens J. 2010), Oksapmin together with Ok (Loughnane, Robyn and Sebastian Fedden 2011), Binanderean (Jacinta Smallhorn 2009) (Jacinta Smallhorn 2011), Eastern Highlands (Xiao, Hong 1990), Mek (Volker Heeschen 1978), (Volker Heeschen 1992), probable members Engan (William A. Foley 2000), Chimbu (William A. Foley 2000). See also (Andrew K. Pawley 1995):97 and (Malcolm Ross 1995):146 (Don Daniels 2015) for re-subgrouping of a few languages. The Bikaru-Bragge wordlist in Conrad, Robert J. and Ronald K. Lewis 1988 presumably represents the Pikaru dialect of Bisorio (an Engan language) despite the divergence of the two, since the body part terms agree and the elicitation sessions were monolingual.


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