Spoken L1 Language: Western Victoria

Comments on subclassification

Barry J. Blake 2011

AES status:
Campbell, Lyle and Lee, Nala Huiying and Okura, Eve and Simpson, Sean and Ueki, Kaori 2017
Nari Nari (6709-rnr) = Dormant; Wadi-Wadi (6800-xwd) = Dormant; Mathi-Mathi (6789-dmd) = Awakening; Ladji Ladji (5555-llj) = Severely Endangered (20 percent certain, based on the evidence available); Wemba-Wemba (6733-xww) = Awakening

The extinct, but quite well-attested, Kulin languages are missing as such from E16/E17/E18/E19/E20/E21/E22/E23. One of the Kulin languages was the Western Victoria language ( Wafer, Jim and Lissarrague, Amanda 2008 ), which was not necessarily extinct by 1950 ( Luise A. Hercus 1969 ).

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