Spoken L1 Language: Northern Inland Yuin

Comments on subclassification

Wafer, Jim and Lissarrague, Amanda 2008 Claire Bowern and Quentin Atkinson 2012

AES status:
Northern Inland Yuin (NOCODE_Northern-Inland-Yuin-NOCODE_Northern-Inland-Yuin) = 10 (Extinct).

The extinct Northern Inland Yuin language of the Yuin subgroup, is missing from E16/E17/E18/E19/E20/E21/E22/E23 ( R. H. Mathews 1901 , R. H. Mathews 1904 , Harold Koch 2011 , William Ridley 1873 , Wafer, Jim and Lissarrague, Amanda 2008 , Illert, Christopher R. 2001 , Besold, Jutta 2003 ).

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