Sign Language: Saudi Arabian Sign Language

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Lexicostatistical data with controls from unrelated sign languages establish an Arab Sign family ( Bernadet Hendriks and Ulrike Zeshan 2009 ):223-224 including Egyptian Sign, Levantine and Iraqi Sign and Yemeni Sign. Bernadet Hendriks and Ulrike Zeshan (2009): 223 imply that Saudi Arabian Sign Language [saud1238] is part of this family (contra Henri Wittmann 1991 ) but the reasoning is not made explicit (though teachers are said to have been recruited from other Arab countries in Al-Muslat, Zaid Abdulla 1994: 279-280 ). Kinda Al-Fityani and Carol Padden (2010) show that lexicostatistically Kuwaiti Sign Language [kuwa1252] and Libyan Sign Language [liby1235] are also part of the family. Kurdish Sign Language [kurd1260] is different from, and unintelligible to Baghdad Iraqi Sign language but informal lexical similarities suggest Baghdad Iraqi Sign is the closest relative ( Zana Jaza 2015 ):570-571.

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not endangered
David M. Eberhard and Gary F. Simons and Charles D. Fennig 2024
Saudi Arabian Sign Language (sdl-sdl) = 6a* (Vigorous).
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