Language: Yarumá


Comments on subclassification

Sérgio Meira 2006 , Howard, Catherine Vaughan 2001 , Spike Gildea 2012

Yarumá, a Cariban language of the Xingu subgroup, is missing ( Claude Lévi-Strauss 1948 , Eduardo Galvão and Mário F. Simões 1965 ). Yaruma is listed as a dialect of Suyá [suy] (a Jê language), presumably because the ethnic group assimilated to the Suyá ( Villas Boas, Orlando and Villas Boas, Claudio 1972 ), but the original Yarumá, which is attested ( Eduardo Galvão and Mário F. Simões 1965 ), is certainly not a Suyá dialect. See also: Suyá [suy].


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