Language: Wares


Wares [wai] is listed in E16/E17/E18/E19 as a separate Tor language, referring to the warlike tribe on the upper Biri river ( Oosterwal, Gottfried 1961 :26-27 ). The Wares themselves had to flee to the coast from their original territory in the 1950s, possibly returned ( Oosterwal, Gottfried 1961 :26-27 ) and have been heard of since ( Koentjaraningrat, {} 1977 , Koentjaraningrat, {} 1965 :135-136 ), but no separate Wares language has been found in old or recent surveys ( van der Leeden, Alexander Cornelis 1954 , Smits, Leo and Voorhoeve, C. L. 1994 , George W. Grace 1956 , Theresia Wambaliau 2006 ) -- in particular, the only language found at the village Wares, is that covered in the entry Mawes [mgk]. Since there is no data and no intelligibility information on the Wares language, we cannot assert that they spoke language different from all others (let alone a Tor language) even if the ethnic group was (and still may be) extant. See also: Mawes [mgk].


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