Spoken L1 Language: Hachijo

Comments on subclassification

Thomas Pellard 2009: 249-276

AES status:
Campbell, Lyle and Lee, Nala Huiying and Okura, Eve and Simpson, Sean and Ueki, Kaori 2022
Hachijo (10378) = Endangered (100 percent certain, based on the evidence available) (It's unknown if children are learning it. Most native speakers are middle age and older speakers.)

(see Dougherty 2014)

The Japonic language of Hachijō, which is not particularly closely related to the Okinawan languages and not intelligible to mainland Japanese ( David Iannucci 2019: 101-102 , Michinori Shimoji 2022: 1 ) is missing from E16/E17/E18/E19/E20/E21/E22/E23/E24/E25/E26/E27 ( Kokuritsu Kokugo Kenkyūjo 1950 ).

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