Subfamily: Panoan


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(Victor Girard 1971) carefully reviewed the evidence for Pano-Tacanan and concluded it is suggestive but insufficient. Later dicta (Willem F. H. Adelaar and Pieter C. Muysken 2004):419 and re-examinations (Lincoln Almir Amarante Ribeiro 2003), (Zariquiey Biondi, Roberto 2014) provided stronger evidence for Pano-Tacanan (cf. (David W. Fleck 2013)) but not (yet) conclusive. Yora is mutually intelligible with Yaminahua (Shepard, Jr., Glenn H. 1999):32-42. The minuscule wordlist in Palau, Mercedes and Blanca Saiz 1989 [1794] of Chiriva (Lorenzo Hervas 1784):250 is probably Panoan.

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(David W. Fleck 2013)


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