Language: Mimi-Nachtigal


Comments on family membership

The evidence presented by Doornbos and Bender 1983, Edgar 1991 that Mimi-Nachtigal is Maban is clearly insufficient. No other serious evidence for a Nilo-Saharan (or other) affiliation has appeared. Doornbos, Paul & Lionel M. Bender. (1983) Languages of Wadai-Darfur. In Marvin Lionel Bender (ed.), Nilo-Saharan language studies (Monograph / Committee on Northeast African studies 13), 43-79. East Lansing: African Studies Center, Michigan State Univversity. Edgar, John T. (1991) Maba-group Lexicon (Sprache und Oralit"at in Afrika: Frankfurter Studien zur Afrikanistik 13). Berlin: Dietrich Reimer.

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