Family: Timor-Alor-Pantar

Family membership references
Comments on family membership

The lexical and pronominal evidence for a Trans New Guinea affiliation is much too weak Andrew Pawley 1998: 683 , Holton, Gary and Marian Klamer and František Kratochvíl and Laura Robinson and Antoinette Schapper 2012 , cf. Andrew Pawley 2005: 94-95 . The newest comparison of cognates František Kratochvíl 2007: 6-11 cannot muster a strong case (correspondences are few, weak and not systematic enough). Likewise, the Bomberai/Alor comparisons in Hull, Geoffrey 2004 are flimsy.

Comments on subclassification

Gereon A. Kaiping and Marian Klamer 2022

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