Spoken L1 Language: Mongghul

Comments on subclassification

Ilya Gruntov and Olga Mazo 2019

AES status:
Campbell, Lyle and Lee, Nala Huiying and Okura, Eve and Simpson, Sean and Ueki, Kaori 2022
Huzhu (2088) = Endangered (100 percent certain, based on the evidence available) ("Monguor varieties are still spoken today, but the number of speakers is declining, and in some villages only a small percentage of children speak the language... while there are people classified as Tu in Datong, Mongghul is most likely no longer spoken there. There are speakers of Mongghul in Tianzhu, but not many young speakers. It seems that of people under the age of 20, only about 10% speak the language fluently. Younger people often do not know songs or traditional folktales in Mongghul." (p.234, 237))

(see Faehndrich 2007)

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