Family: Ndu


Comments on family membership

The Ndu languages do not show cognate gender markers with Sepik while the pronouns show some amount of resemblance William A. Foley 2005 :126-139 . However, with the extant variety of pronoun forms with the Sepik languages, it is difficult to ascertain beyond-chance relationships. The best resemblance is with Kwoma but there is detailed refutation of the evidence so far presented that Ndu is related to Kwoma-Kwanga (or the rest of Sepik) Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald 2008 . Yerakai shares no significant lexical relations with any Sepik language Conrad, Robert J. and T. Wayne Dye 1975 :14 , except Ndu Laycock, Donald C. 1973 :23 , but these are arguably loans from the adjacent Iatmul (as of intermarriage) Conrad, Robert J. and T. Wayne Dye 1975 :14 Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y. 2008 .

Subclassification references
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Laycock, Donald C. 1965 :181 , 185-189 Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald 2015 :242-243


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