Family: Kru

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Kru lacks sufficient lexical resemblances and noun class resemblances to conclude a relationship with Atlantic-Congo Tom Güldemann 2018: 178-179 , 232-234, 353-358. Regarding Siamou, as Prost Prost, André 1964: 345 noted, apart from obvious loanwords, Siamou is neither Mande nor Gur. Contra Person, Yvonne 1966 , although there are typological matches, Siamou differs from Kru throughout the comparison, and Siamou can thus not be verified as a Kru language Zogbo, Lynell Marchese 2012 Tom Güldemann 2018: 177-180 .

Comments on subclassification

Marchese, Lynell 1989 Zogbo, Lynell Marchese 2012

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