Levinsohn, Stephen H. 1991

Levinsohn, Stephen H. 1991. Variations in tense-aspect markers among inga (quechuan) dialects. In Mary Ritchie Key (ed.), Language change in South American Indian languages, 145-165. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

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  lgcode     = {Aponte (Department of Nariño-S.W. Colombia) = Inga [inb], Santiago (Putumayo) including Colon = Inga [inb], San Andres (Putumayo) = Jungle Inga, Puerto Guayuyaco = Jungle Inga, Yunguillo (including Condagua) = Jungle Inga},
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Name in source Glottolog languoid
Aponte (Department of Nariño-S.W. Colombia)
Santiago (Putumayo) including Colon
San Andres (Putumayo) = Jungle Inga
    Puerto Guayuyaco = Jungle Inga
      Yunguillo (including Condagua) = Jungle Inga