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Alain Fabre's Diccionario Etnolingüístico y Guía Bibliográfica de los Pueblos Indígenas Sudamericanos which has been elaborated since the 1990s, with the help of contibutions from experts. Earlier versions have appeared as:

Fabre, Alain. (1994) Las Lenguas Indígenas Sudamericanas en la Actualidad: Diccionario Etnolingüístico Clasificatorio y Guía Bibliográfica. Published by the Author, Tampere.

Fabre, Alain. (1998) Manual de las lenguas indígenas sudamericanas, I-II (LINCOM Handbooks in Linguistics 4-5). München: Lincom.

Since 2005, there has been a continually updated electronic version posted fabre/BookInternetVersio/Alkusivu.html (accessed 10 Apr 2011). The bibliography included here is a version of the documents from the summer of 2009 and was automatically parsed by HH. The automatical parsing could not be done error-free and a number of such errors have yet to be weeded out. It was annotated for language, using Fabre's well-informed language divisions. It was automatically matched with iso-639-3 languages -- a conversion which has glitches for some closely related varities. The collection contains entries of linguistics and ethnography of South American Indian peoples.

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