Family: Ramu

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Ap Ma [kbx] shows some typological similarities to the Grass and Ramu languages but there is little lexical evidence John A. Z'graggen 1969: 168-169 William A. Foley 2018 Joseph Daniel Brooks 2018: 70 . Ambakich [aew] has too little evidence to be included in the family at the present state of documentation Joseph Daniel Brooks 2018: 70 . A Keram-Ramu family has been posited but not yet substantiated Barlow, Russell 2023: 24-31 . A genealogical relationship to the Lower Sepik languages has been posited William A. Foley 2005 but the evidence, on closer scrutiny, is not sufficient Barlow, Russell 2023: 28-31 .

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William A. Foley 2018

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