Language: Amkoe


Comments on subclassification

Bernd Heine and Henry Honken 2010

The /=Hoan language of Botswana was discovered by Anthony Traill in the early 1970s ( Traill, Anthony 1973 , Traill, Anthony 1974 ) and has recently been shown ( Bernd Heine and Henry Honken 2010 ) to be related to the Ju-dialect cluster (also known as North Khoisan). ISO 693-3 has a /=Hua [huc] entry which has information (e.g., speaker number, grammatical characteristics) that matches the /=Hoan language as well as information (e.g., the classification, the name) that matches ( Christfried Naumann 2014 ) a far eastern variety of the Taa dialect chain which is not intelligible with the westernmost end of that chain (represented in ISO 693-3 as !Xóõ [nmn]). The present-day location of both languages is the same ( Gerlach, Linda and Falko Berthold 2011 ) which might have lead to the confusion. Two entries are needed, one for the eastern dialect of Taa and one for the (entirely different) /=Hoan language, but ISO 693-3 has a merged entry, so one is missing from ISO 693-3 (and the merged entry should be corrected accordingly). See also: East Taa [nmn].


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