Tercafs, J. and E. Meyer 1942/43

Tercafs, J. and E. Meyer. 1942/43. Material zur Yogo-Sprache. Zeitschrift für Eingeborenen-Sprachen 33. 1-24.

  author           = {Tercafs, J. and E. Meyer},
  journal          = {Zeitschrift für Eingeborenen-Sprachen},
  number           = {1},
  pages            = {1-24},
  title            = {Material zur Yogo-Sprache},
  volume           = {33},
  year             = {1942/43},
  hhtype           = {grammar_sketch (computerized assignment from "sprache")},
  inlg             = {German [deu]},
  jfmnote          = {Not sure what language this deals with. Either Yoko (a Vute dialect/variety) or Mayogo (a Ngbaka language).},
  keywords         = {;waf;caf;lng;t.111a;u.442;},
  lgcode           = {Vute [vut], Mayogo [mdm] (autotranslated from Maho's coding system)},
  macro_area       = {Africa},
  src              = {eballiso2009, weball},
  subject_headings = {waf, caf, lng, t.111}

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Name in source Glottolog languoid
Mayogo (autotranslated from Maho's coding system)]