Nevermann, Hans 1939

Nevermann, Hans. 1939. Die Kanum-Irebe und ihre Nachbarn. Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 71. 1-70.

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  lgcode     = {Toro, Je-Nan, Marind, Kanum is Ngkâlmpu [kcd], N'gowugar is a dialect of Blafe [bfh], Morauri = Moraori [mok], Mani = "Mani" is not from native speakers but from Ngkâlmpu Kanum speakers who knew Mani (p 58) and while the Mani village was abandoned in the 50s it would have been a dialect of Kunja in the time of Nevermann [pep]},
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AU  - Nevermann, Hans
PY  - 1939
DA  - 1939//
TI  - Die Kanum-Irebe und ihre Nachbarn
JO  - Zeitschrift für Ethnologie
SP  - 1
EP  - 70
VL  - 71
ID  - 72902
ER  - 
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