Hoskison, James T. 1983

Hoskison, James T. 1983. A Grammar and Dictionary of the Gude Language. Ann Arbor: UMI. (Doctoral dissertation, Ohio State University; xvi+301pp.)

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AU  - Hoskison, James T.
PY  - 1983
DA  - 1983//
TI  - A Grammar and Dictionary of the Gude Language
PB  - Ohio State University
CY  - Ann Arbor
KW  - waf
KW  - caf
KW  - nga
KW  - cmr
KW  - lng
KW  - dct
KW  - grd
KW  - phn
KW  - x.538d
KW  - ths
ID  - 71794
U1  - Ph.D. thesis
ER  - 
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        <title>A Grammar and Dictionary of the Gude Language</title>
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            <placeTerm type="text">Ann Arbor</placeTerm>
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    <genre>Ph.D. thesis</genre>
    <identifier type="citekey">71794</identifier>