Willem F. H. Adelaar and Pieter C. Muysken 2004

Willem F. H. Adelaar and Pieter C. Muysken. 2004. The Languages of the Andes. (Cambridge Language Surveys.) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. xxv+718pp. (Includes bibliographical references and index).

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AU  - Adelaar, Willem F. H.
AU  - Muysken, Pieter C.
PY  - 2004
DA  - 2004//
TI  - The Languages of the Andes
T3  - Cambridge Language Surveys
IS  - 117
PB  - Cambridge University Press
CY  - Cambridge
SN  - 9780521362757
N1  - Includes bibliographical references and index
ID  - 41201
ER  - 
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