Barry J. Blake and Luise Hercus and Stephen Morey and Edward Ryan 2011

Barry J. Blake and Luise Hercus and Stephen Morey and Edward Ryan. 2011. The Mathi group of languages. (Pacific Linguistics, 628.) Canberra: Pacific Linguistics. xv+327pp.

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AU  - Blake, Barry J.
AU  - Hercus, Luise
AU  - Morey, Stephen
AU  - Ryan, Edward
PY  - 2011
DA  - 2011//
TI  - The Mathi group of languages
T3  - Pacific Linguistics
VL  - 628
PB  - Pacific Linguistics
CY  - Canberra
SN  - 9780858836358
ID  - 309497
ER  - 
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        <title>The Mathi group of languages</title>
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