Fei Xin 1436

Fei Xin. 1436. Xingocha shenglan = The overall survey of the Star Raft.

  author     = {Fei Xin},
  title      = {Xingocha shenglan = The overall survey of the Star Raft},
  year       = {1436},
  hhtype     = {overview (computerized assignment from "survey")},
  inlg       = {English [eng]},
  keywords   = {;nea;eaf;sml;kny;trv;y.611;},
  lgcode     = {Chinese [cmn] (autotranslated from Maho's coding system)},
  macro_area = {Eurasia},
  notes      = {Fei Xin accompanied Zheng He on several voyages, including the 7th voyage, which took him to East Africa. The travelogue itself was finished in 1436, though the earliest known version dates from 1544. It mentions places like Mogadishu, Brava, and Giumbo, all in East Africa.},
  src        = {eballiso2009}

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Chinese (autotranslated from Maho's coding system)]