Kamei, Nobutaka 2004

Kamei, Nobutaka. 2004. Afurika no shuwa gengo [The sign languages of Africa]. Afurika kenkyū / Journal of African studies 64. 43-64.

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  hhtype         = {overview},
  inlg           = {Japanese [jpn]},
  lgcode         = {Moroccan Sign = Moroccan Sign Language [xms], Tunisian Sign = Tunisian Sign Language [tse], Libyan Sign, Bamako Sign, Gambian Sign, Guinea-Conakry Sign close to American Sign Language = Guinean Sign Language [gus], Sierra Leone Sign, Ghana Sign, Nigeria Sign, Adamorobe, Hausa Sign [hsl], Chad Sign Languge = Chadian Sign Language [cds], Congolesian Sign (of Cornett 1990), Ethiopian Sign, Kenya Sign, Uganda Sign, Tanzanian Sign, Zambian Sign, Zimbabwean Sign, Mozambican Sign, Namibia shuwa = Namibian Sign = Namibian Sign Language [nbs], South African Sign = South African Sign Language [sfs]},
  macro_area     = {Africa},
  src            = {hh},
  title_english  = {The sign languages of Africa},
  title_original = {アフリカの手話言語}

Document types


Name in source Glottolog languoid
Moroccan Sign
Tunisian Sign
Libyan Sign
    Bamako Sign
      Gambian Sign
        Guinea-Conakry Sign close to American Sign Language
        Sierra Leone Sign
          Ghana Sign
            Nigeria Sign
                Hausa Sign
                Chad Sign Languge
                Congolesian Sign (of Cornett 1990)
                  Ethiopian Sign
                    Kenya Sign
                      Uganda Sign
                        Tanzanian Sign
                          Zambian Sign
                            Zimbabwean Sign
                              Mozambican Sign
                                Namibia shuwa = Namibian Sign
                                South African Sign