Cullen, Wendy Ruth 1999

Cullen, Wendy Ruth. 1999. Tense and Aspect in Lubwisi Narrative Discourse. Ann Arbor: UMI. (Doctoral dissertation, University of Texas at Arlington; xiii+264pp.)

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  title                 = {Tense and Aspect in Lubwisi Narrative Discourse},
  year                  = {1999},
  abstract              = {This paper is a preliminary analysis of tense and aspect (T/A) in the verbal system of Lubwisi, an East-African Bantu language spoken in western Uganda. Besides providing a basic description of T/A in Lubwisi verbs, it focuses specifically on how T/A function within Lubwisi narrative discourse. It is one of the basic tenets of this research that studying T/A as they occur in their natural context is necessary for determining the functions of those forms. Without recourse to a discourse-based analysis, in this case studying how T/A interact with their narrative context, the linguist may be able to determine the meaning of a given T/A form and yet not adequately determine its full range of functions. After a preliminary analysis of T/A verb forms based on elicited data, native speakers' intuitions, and everyday conversational use by the author, Lubwisi T/A forms were studied with respect to their narrative functions using statistical counts, peak and profile analysis (Longacre 1996), salience schemes (Longacre 1996), and considerations of foregrounding and backgrounding (Hopper 1979a). Texts were entered into Microsoft <italic>Excel</italic> files so that T/A forms could be quickly categorized and quantified. Since these results did not prove adequate for determining the function of many verb forms, further classification was done by text type, clause type (dependent or independent), and discourse parameters such as story analysis and grounding considerations to better determine the role of each T/A combination. In addition to providing an analysis of Lubwisi verbs (Lubwisi being a previously unstudied language) and furthering the study of discourse in Niger-Congo Bantu languages, the findings of this research support the claim that the grammatical components of a language should be studied in light of their naturally-occurring contexts. Although not all questions are answered regarding the functions of Lubwisi T/A forms, this research sheds a great deal of light on these forms and paves the way for further analysis of Lubwisi and other Bantu languages.},
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