Language: Yukaghir Omok


Comments on subclassification

Irina Nikolaeva 2008

Some lexical data recorded as Omok likely represent an extinct Yukaghir language which is missing from E16/E17/E18/E19 ( Irina Nikolaeva 2008 , Tailleur, Olivier Guy 1959 ). There is some uncertainty as to whether the lexical data recorded as Omok represent a Yukaghir variety not intelligible to the other Yukaghiric languages or whether the puzzling items represent misunderstanding and poor transcriptions ( Irina Nikolaeva 2008 :327-328 , Nikolaeva, Irina 2006 :24-25 ). It is only by assuming the former and following the lexical distances lexical distances in Irina Nikolaeva 2008 :327 that we interpret the data as representing a distinct language.


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