Language: Purum (Retired)


This entry has been retired and is featured here only for bookkeeping purposes. Either the entry has been replaced with one or more more accurate entries or it has been retired because it was based on a misunderstanding to begin with.

E16/E17 has two entries in its Northern Kuki-Chin subgroup Purum Naga [puz] (in India) and Purum [pub] (across the border in Burma). Not surprisingly, they are the same language and were recognized as such ( George A. Grierson 1904: 263 ) before the British empire was split up. See also: Purum [pub].

Retired in ISO 639-3: merged into Purum [pub]

  • Change request: 2013-008
  • ISO 639-3: puz
  • Name: Purum Naga
  • Reason: merge
  • Effective: 2014-02-03

Excerpt from change request document:

Both the languages [puz] and [pub] have the same information on location and Population in most available resources. So it seems to be one language.


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