Language: Pao


This entry has been retired and is featured here only for bookkeeping purposes. Either the entry has been replaced with one or more more accurate entries or it has been retired because it was based on a misunderstanding to begin with.

Pao [ppa] is listed in E16/E17/E18 as a Tibeto-Burman language of the scheduled tribe Pao of Madhya Pradesh in India. However, the Pao speak a variety of Bundelkhandi to themselves and others ( Singh, K. S. 1994: 977-979 , Hira Lal Shukla 1986 , K. S. Singh 1997: 63 ), a language which already has an E16/E17/E18 entry in Bundeli [bns]. The misclassification of Pao as a Tibeto-Burman languages in E16/E17/E18 presumably results from confusion of Pao in Madhya Pradesh with the Tibeto-Burman language Pa'o (of the Karenic subgroup) in Myanmar, also rendered as Pao ( Tatsuo Nishida 1966 ). See also: Bundeli [bns].

Retired in ISO 639-3: Merge into Bhageli [bfy]

  • Change request: 2015-012
  • ISO 639-3: ppa
  • Name: Pao
  • Reason: merge
  • Effective: 2016-01-15


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