Family: Dizoid


Family membership references
Comments on family membership

The resemablances between Dizoid and Ta-Ne-Omotic languages (especially Bench) are best explained as loans (Rolf Theil 2012):373-374. Dizoid features no other reason or diagnostic features to be classified as Afro-Asiatic (Hayward, Richard J. 2004), (Bender, Lionel M. 2000), (Bender, M. Lionel 2003), (Theil, Rolf 2007), (Lionel M. Bender 2010), (Rolf Theil 2012).

Subclassification references
Comments on subclassification

(Aklilu, Yilma 2003) the similarities between Sheko and Nayi in historical phonology are all retentions and therefore do not count as evidence for a Sheko-Nayi node


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