Krauss, Michael E. and Golla, Victor 1981

Krauss, Michael E. and Golla, Victor. 1981. Northern Athapaskan languages. In Helm, J. (ed.), Subarctic, 67-85. Washinton D. C.: Smithsonian Institution.

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AU  - Krauss, Michael E.
AU  - Golla, Victor
ED  - Helm, J.
PY  - 1981
DA  - 1981//
TI  - Northern Athapaskan languages
BT  - Subarctic
T3  - Handbook of North American Indians
SP  - 67
EP  - 85
VL  - 6
PB  - Smithsonian Institution
CY  - Washinton D. C.
L1  - file:krauss-golla-1981-ath.pdf
ID  - 92852
ER  - 
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                <title>Handbook of North American Indians</title>
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