Young, T. Cullen 1933

Young, T. Cullen. 1933. Tribal intermixture in northern Nyasaland. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Inst. of Great Britain and Ireland 63. 1-18.

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  lgcode     = {Tumbuka-Kamanga, Tonga Down on the lake shore in the narrow strip between beach and mountain that is rarely more than ten miles wide and often much less there is the Tonga group a fishing people who are also marked out from others in our area by their use of cassava for food crop as against maize elsewhere = Tonga (Nyasa) [tog], Phoka = Tumbuka [tum], On the lake shore north of the Tonga in the administrative district of West Nyasa we have a Siska group who inhabit a stretch that is so narrow that there is barely room for cultivation between beach and mountains-a fishing and cassava-growing people like the Tonga and speaking a language in which the special variation of the Tonga form is less marked, and kinship to Tumbuka speech easier to recognize = Tonga [tog]},
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