Jouannet, Francis and Lafon, Michel 199x

Jouannet, Francis & Michel Lafon. 199x. Etude sur la phonologie du shingazidja.

  author     = {Jouannet, Francis and Lafon, Michel},
  title      = {Etude sur la phonologie du shingazidja},
  year       = {199x},
  hhtype     = {phonology (computerized assignment from "phonologie")},
  inlg       = {French [fra]},
  keywords   = {;eaf;cmi;lng;phn;bnt;g.44;},
  lgcode     = {Maore Comorian [swb] (autotranslated from Maho's coding system)},
  macro_area = {Africa},
  notes      = {Not sure this even exists. Perhaps a manuscript. Source?},
  src        = {eballiso2009}

Document types


Name in source Glottolog languoid
Maore Comorian (autotranslated from Maho's coding system)]