Boehm, Edward Daniel 1998

Boehm, Edward Daniel. 1998. A Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Tharu (Indo-Aryan). University of Texas at Arlington MA thesis. (xvi+247pp.)

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  title           = {A Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Tharu (Indo-Aryan)},
  year            = {1998},
  abstract        = {Applying the comparative method to data from four contemporary varieties of Tharu (Indo-Aryan; Nepal-India), the phonemic system of Proto-Tharu is reconstructed. Sound change rules which account for differences in the phonemic system of Proto-Tharu and the daughter varieties (Rana, Dang, Chitwan, and Morang) are posited. On the basis of shared sound change rules, an initial proposal regarding the genetic relationship between the modern varieties, as well as their sub-classification, is put forth. The results of this study show that the phonological inventory of Proto-Tharu segments nearly duplicates the segments of the daughter varieties and differs mainly in their distribution. Based on three shared innovations, Dang, Chitwan, and Morang, are placed in one sub-group designated Eastern Tharu (which displays characteristics similar to the 'Bihari' sub-group), while Rana forms a separate sub-group designated Western Tharu. In addition, Dang shows a diphthongized reflex of Proto-Tharu mid vowels, an unusual development in modern Indo-Aryan languages.},
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