Marseille, Carmen Eva 2019

Marseille, Carmen Eva. 2019. Shan-Ni grammar and processes of linguistic change. Rijksuniversiteit te Leiden MA thesis. (146pp.)

  author     = {Marseille, Carmen Eva},
  pages      = {146},
  school     = {Rijksuniversiteit te Leiden},
  title      = {Shan-Ni grammar and processes of linguistic change},
  year       = {2019},
  abstract   = {This thesis is the first descriptive work on Shan-Ni, a Tai-Kadai language spoken in Kachin state and Sagaing region of Northern Myanmar. Being a Tai language in longterm close contact with several Tibeto-Burman languages, Shan-Ni has several features that are not common in other Tai languages, but do show similarities with Tibeto-Burman languages. The frequency of disyllabic words, the presence of different grammatical markers including TAM markers, and the variation in word order distinguishes Shan-Ni in particular. This thesis does not only describe these features, but also connects them to their presence in other languages, including both Tai-Kadai and Tibeto-Burman languages, Shan-Ni is in contact with. Some features of Shan-Ni are partially present in other Tai languages, but have developed further or in a different direction from certain points in history, which correspond with periods of migration. Through its grammar, Shan-Ni indicates relations with other Southwestern Tai languages of the Northern tier spoken both at the Myanmar-Chinese and Myanmar-Indian border. The expression of Tibeto-Burman-like constructions is made possible through the addition or different usage of grammatical markers, which nonetheless do have a Tai etymology.},
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  lgcode     = {Shan-Ni (Indawgyi) = Tai Leng = Tai Laing [tjl]},
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Shan-Ni (Indawgyi) = Tai Leng